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A starting character will start with only 1 special feature, but periodically he will be given the opportunity to add another one. Special Features can potentially be almost anything, but here are the basics:


Adding 5 hp, increasing your Armour by 1, increasing a save by +2 or all of them by +1, reducing physical damage by 1.


Adding +1 to hit, +2 to damage, +2 to the difficulty to make a save, increase range by 50% or gain a reach attack.


Improve speed by 5, increasing a situation specific bonus by +2, ability to give others a bonus or penalty of 2 on certain tasks, ability to give a specific person a bonus or penalty of 4 on certain tasks.


Improving a skill by 2, learn 1 new primary skill, learning two new secondary skills, learning a new language, gaining two new skill points.


Increasing an ability by one.


Can exert about 5 lbs (25 N) of force on things, for each mental action point you use you may move it 6 feet (2 meters) in that way giving it an energy of 50 J per action point. Taking this skill multiple stacks in fun ways! Note: In order for this ability to be useful, you must have the skill Telekinetic Use.


You can talk to a person who lets you within 100 feet through their minds at will. This ability can expand into different abilities. Note: In order for this ability to be useful, you must have the skill Psychics Use.


You may gain a contact who is inclined to help you, a contact may be a talented engineer who can fix and upgrade items for you, an informant who can periodically relay information to you or a wealthy individual who can fund projects or missions. Keeping good terms with your contact is entirely up to you, but doing so will make him more useful as you level up. Multiple contacts may add synergy with each-other and produce better benefits. These contacts care little about your appearance or charisma, but rather support the goals you advocated when you got them. If you ask a contact to do something dangerous or that may ruin their reputation or go against their ideals, then yes, you will have to convince them otherwise.


For whatever reason (you need to come up with a sensible one), you have been given an extremely powerful or unique items.

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Special Features

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