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2100-2200: Post-Information Age

The age of coal, gas, and oil had finally triumphed, by 2101 irreversible global warming was declared, and by 2150 sea level had risen by 50 feet. The fertile cropland near rivers and the coast disappeared, reducing food supply by 50%. Russia and Canada became the new economic leaders with their increased food production (with their permafrost turned into swamps they could now be drained and harvested).

Undeveloped countries saw annual death in the millions, and their culture and society regressed to constant crime, corruption and lack of leadership.
Meanwhile, the northern developed countries had different problems. The US was slowly crumbling under the weight of its own broken infrastructure and ineffective government, at this point it virtually had no effective governance of the southern states and all efforts were put to increase defense and development north of 44 degrees. Canada was able overcome US economy with agriculture; however, the relationship between Canada and the US was extremely good and cooperative.

Russia claimed its dominance as the No. 1 world power after taking control of most of the eastern block and it’s constant military campaigns. The only powers that held it in check where the overpopulated China and India along with a Western Europe still hanging on with support of Canada and the US.

Mercosur was able to consolidate it’s trade routes and somehow established working relationships with Japan and Australia. However, it was far from being anything organized.
During this time, no serious attempts were made for space travel, all efforts were made to prepare for the complete evaporation of the ocean.

2200-2250: Metropolis Age


Slowly societies began on massive underground farming operations to cope with the fact that the outside temperatures where constantly above 140 F and that sea level had increased by another 150 feet. Cities now became colossal metropolises as new building practices favored buildings large enough to allow cost effective insulation practices. Although the environment was ruined and hostilities where quite high with Russia, India and China managed to hold it in check. Society managed to adjust and accept it ruined it’s environment forever.

2250-2315: WWIII Age

2254 was the year that a terrible pandemic broke out. It was an engineered virus, which could be transmitted through bodily fluids, liquids or air and had an incubation period of exactly five years. Nobody knew who started it, but after a single month 40% of the population died. Russia began a massive military expansion. China responded with a massive counter attack. February 2nd 2255 was when WWIII began.

Some say that angles and demons fought that day. A million souls where burned to hell for each demon that touch the earth. And a hundred thousand souls saved by each angle that scarified itself in attempts to kill a falling demon. Humanity was left broken and shattered, if you were not instantly melted then radiation would it’s job slowly, and even then the terrible pandemic NH4 could still be dormant in you. After 60 years of chaos the new powers that rose from the ashes where those that had power, manufacturing and underground farming factories. A fusion reactor meant an independent state and some sense of government.

2230-2280: The Energy Age


Cities where now behemoths operations of extraction and power production, no expense for pollution was made, we had the energy to grow our food underground, and keep our cities below the scorching 270 degrees F outside.
Massive efforts to dominate quantum particles and the mass production of carbon composites such as nano-tubes where made with success. Space Colonization; however, was not as successful, every time a spaceship was sent past 500,000 kilometers they would all catastrophically explode.

After a few years of peace the world powers decided to sing a new treaty. The Alberta Treaty declared: no more wars in earth; there are no rules in space. Space Wars began in 2312; the first Space War began with the Moon as the first contestant. Russia, Japan and Mercosur stayed put in earth, and let India and China fight against US and Canda for the Moon, the Chinese and Indians won the conflict within 18 years; Canada and US decided to not to waste resources and wait for the next planet, Mars (they had made arrangements to work with the Japanese, Europeans and Mercosur).

After the first few failed launches past the 500,000 km boundary scientists began to notice disturbances and anomalies within all sensors of high precision (such as carbon dating equipment, cesium clocks, telescopes, electron microscopes). Was some powerful city-state destroying the ships? Who was causing this noise, perhaps jamming devices? Or where the laws of physics wrong?

2280-2320: The Eve of the Quantum and Nano Age

The efforts made during the energy age had paid off, mass produced quantum computers could be made; nano-tubes could now be manufactured in strands several miles long if needed and with few imperfections. The nanotechnology industry could now produce high quality products (albeit, the process still takes a long time).


Regardless, the 500,000 km exclusion zone still baffled everyone; nobody understood what was occurring unit Japan began to spearhead the space technology. They developed a gravity furnace, an engine that by manipulating gravitons could alter the gravitational field within a limited range. Once started they lifted a 700,000 ton spaceship the largest ever made, as it ventured farther out to space it encountered the exclusion zone; as planned, it punctured through the interface and found itself in a universe slightly different to what we knew. It seems that we had been deceived.

This was also first contact, as the interference came from a colossal unidentified object about 5 km in diameter. We now know that it was a jammer left millenia ago to either stop our space expansion, or protect us from some potential outside threat. It had essentially created a force field which altered all of our measurements within it. The speed of light was slowed down drastically, quantum particles where hit with fast decaying rays. Essentially our entire history of physics had been handicapped.

2320-Current: Alpha Space Age

While the Japanese, Canadians, US, and Latin American nations (UN) began launching ships to eventually conquer Mars, the Russians where hard at work with the development of a higgs reactor. All we know about it is that it produces mass or energy from dark matter. Lastly, the Chinese and Indians have fortified themselves in the Moon, we have no idea what is occurring there though, and as they managed to surround it in a field that prevents all types of communications (we can still feel the effects of its gravity though).


In the year 2325 the Russians defeated all world powers in earth with a decisive battle breaking the treaty of Alberta, and declared themselves the Rulers of Earth. The UN spaceships are now 500,000 kilometers from earth, near the unidentified Alien object (we still haven’t managed to penetrate it’s hull). In total we are 24 or so colonies with a total population of about just shy of a half a million.

It is year 2326 and we believe we have almost penetrated the hull of the unidentified Alien object. It can be seen from our scouts that Russia is building space elevators and building massive structures in earth. That we know of, they have not discovered how to make a Gravity Furnace. We still have no knowledge of the Moon.

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