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In the future food comes in large boxes that can feed you for a month to save on packaging.
Cost: 1500 Credits

Includes light spacesuit which can sustain you for about 30 minutes in space if there is a Hull breach can be worn as under-armor. Ceramic-reinforced Kevlar suit, two formal suits and two informal suits.
Cost: 4000 Credits

Government Issued Civilian Armament:
A Handgun (500 J) that notifies the civilian protection agency where and at what direction you fired it. It is illegal to tamper with it.
Cost: FREE

Medical Pack
Meant to stop excessive bleeding and keep someone alive until surgery can help. Has a quarter liter of blood, cauterizing bio-foam. Also includes regular gauze, one will need to make healing checks but has virtually unlimited uses. Small defibrillator if patient’s heart has stopped. Chemical injections to keep someone awake. Chemical neutralizing agents. And finally a few injections which may cure poisons.
Cost: 8,000 Credits

Government Approved Information Device
An information device is basically a phone, tv, and computer device all in one, the Government had to start approving certain devices in order to ensure it does not emit information that could be deciphered by the enemy.
Cost: 4,000 Credits

Rates vary.

Loans are only given to people who are in debt.
Rates vary.

Energy Generators
Use the following equations to determine their size, mass and cost
a=energy you want in Watts
Credits(a) = CEILING (a^.9 × 2.5,1000)
Kg (a) = CEILING (a^.7/5,10)
Volume cf(a) = Kg/100

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