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Armour Saves Lives!

Armour have the following attributes: They give you considerable damage reduction (DR), increased AC and and can also do cool things!

Each armor’s description Will Include

  • Type Light Medium or Heavy. Light armor has not penalties, Medium reduces speed by 5 and Heavy reduces both speed by 5 and gives you a penalty of -1 on all strength and dexterity checks.
  • Armour Health This health protects you and is taken first, after it is taken to 0 the armor is considered broken. A broken armor’s DR goes down by 1 and AC by 1. If it is considered a medium armor it also incurs a -1 to all your physical related rolls, this penalty is -2 if it is heavy armor.
  • DR damage reduction from physical attacks such as getting hit by bullets or a hammer.
  • AC armor class that you receive by wearing it.

Regular Clothing with Kevlar Lining:
This old technology is not as effective as it used to be but it’s relatively cheap and easy to purchase, what is most impressive though is that now it can be worn as regular clothing.

Type: Light
DR: 2
AC: 1
Cost: 1000 upgrade for your regular clothing
Weight: 1/2 lb.

Ceramic-Reinforced Kevlar
Type: Light
DR: 4
AC: 2
Cost: FREE
Weight: 10 lb

Enforcement Armour
Type: Light
Armour Health: 20
DR: 6
AC: 3
Cost: 18000

Standard Military Armour
Type: Medium
DR: 8
AC: 4
Cost: 24000

Heavy Defense Shield
If being used provides a +6 AC cover; however it takes damage first from all damage sources that don’t deal damage to you (except regular melee attacks) . It has 40 hp, After it has taken 20 damage it only provides +3 AC and at 0 hit points it is absolutely useless. Because it is so large and clumsy it doubles the amount of actions required and it adds the same penalties as wearing Heavy Armor.
Cost: 12000

Light Space Suit
Type: Medium
Can be worn as an under-armor and if you happen to be in an area that has been de-pressurized to the vacuum of space it can sustain you with oxygen for 10 minutes and maintains pressure within your body to prevent near-instant death.
Cost: FREE

Space Suit
Type: Heavy
DR: 3
AC: 3
Can allow up to 2 hrs in space, insulates the wearer, has a polarized helmet, marginally protects you from radiation. Very difficult to move around, its like as if you where in an inflated rubber glove.
Cost: 20,000

Assault Suit
It looks like we went back to medieval ages, but with more ergonomic parts and smarter materials.
Type: Medium
DR: 10
AC: 5
Speed Penalty: 5
Cost: 30,000

Heavy Assault Suit
If your going in first you want to make sure you are well protected.
Type: Heavy
DR: 12
AC: 6
Speed Penalty: 5
Cost: 36,000


Tactical Jet pack I:
Allows for limited flight, comes with canisters of propellant that have 100 units, for each round that you travel at 15 feet you use one unit; for each round that you travel 30 feet, you use 4; 60 feet, 9 uses; 120 feet, 25 uses; 240 feet 36 uses. You cannot go faster than 240 feet per round.
Cost: 30,000
Canister Cost: 1000

Tactical Camouflage I
The armor is covered by a thin layer of plastic that can display colors and essentially render you invisible to the enemy, this upgrade requires an energy source such as a lithium battery. Most of the energy is used on the computer that digitizes what the tiny cameras observe and then figuring out how to best display that on a curved amour surface. That is true unless you are well light areas where the brightness has to go up.

If used in dark areas it can last for 2 hrs, if used in poorly light areas 1 hr, in medium light areas, 30 minutes, in well light areas, 10 minutes and in really bright areas 2 minutes. Furthermore, in really bright areas the suit gives off so much heat it could be mistaken as the exhaust of a mech or small ship.
Cost: 30,000
Battery: 300

Extra Reinforcement
Increase the armor’s DR and AC by 1.
Cost x 1.25

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